School of Life Sciences

Dr Zivanai Tsvuura

Senior Lecturer

Dr Tsvuura is a plant ecologist. He holds an MSc in Tropical Resource Ecology and a PhD in Ecological Sciences. He teaches courses in biostatistics, ecology, and grassland science. Dr Tsvuura’s research focuses on dynamics and functioning of forest and savanna ecosystems. Recent work focused on (a) the roles of understorey vegetation in influencing tree establishment in coastal forests; (b) soil mycorrhizal dynamics in nutrient-enriched grasslands; and (c) local adaptation in Vachelia karroo (formerly Acacia karroo) populations in Zululand. Dr Tsvuura’s teaching career began at the University of Zimbabwe. He has also taught at Midlands State University (Zimbabwe) and at the University of Namibia.

Research interests

  • Plant ecology
  • Forest regeneration
  • Savanna and grassland ecology

Research profiles