School of Life Sciences

Dr Sumaiya Jamal-Ally

Academic and Researcher

Dr Sumaiya Jamal-Ally has her BSc (Microbiology and Biochemistry), MSc (Molecular Medicine) and PhD in Science degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand. She was appointed as lecturer at UKZN in 2005.

Dr Jamal-Ally is a Microbiologist dedicated to the preservation of our environment and the use of green technology to bioremediate pollutants especially hydrocarbon lubricant wastes generated by industries in their production lines. Her research at UKZN, also includes the use of nanoparticles as antimicrobials in high voltage silicone rubbers and associated products; the microbiology of the laval caves in the Mount Etna region of Italy, and biotechnology of hydrocarbon wastes.

Dr Ally is the recipient of the Golden Key International Honour Award. She has established collaborations with industry and scientists globally and currently serves as a member of the International Mycorrhizal Society. Dr Ally’s research has been funded by the NRF and the industries she collaborates with.

Dr Ally is inspired by her students and motivates them to accomplish all that they can! She supervisors post graduate research at Honours, Masters and PhD levels. She currently lectures entire or part of the following modules: Introductory Microbiology section of BIMI 120; Introductory Microbial Ecology (Micro 220); Environmental Microbial Biotechnology (Micro 307) and Advanced Environmental Microbiology (Micr 724).

Research interests

Biodegradation & Bioremediation of Industrial Lubricant Waste Products (Advanced Microbial Biotechnology)

Biofouling and biodegradation of  high voltage Silicon Rubbers (Environmental Microbiology)

Microbes Isolated from the Mount Etna Laval caves, Italy (Geomicrobiology)

Research profiles