School of Life Sciences


Dean & Head of School


Professor Olaniran is the Dean and Head of the School of Life Sciences.  He joined the University as a full-time staff member in 2006. He has taught a range of Microbiology modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, with particular focus on Environmental Microbial Biotechnology. Recently, his teaching has been focused on pollution microbiology, pollutant monitoring and detection; waste and wastewater treatment; bioremediation of pollutants; bioenergy production and microbial diversity in biotechnological processes. 

PA/Secretary: Ms Xoli Shandu  |  031 260 1545  |

Surname, NameRoleEmailTelephoneLocation
Finnie, JeffreyBiodiversity/ Evolutionary Biology – 260 5151Pietermaritzburg Campus
Glassom, DavidBiodiversity/ Evolutionary Biology – 260 3183Westville Campus
 Hewer, RaymondBiochemistry – 260 5150Pietermaritzburg Campus
Islam, ShahidulBiotechnology – 260 8717Westville Campus
Kana, 260 5527Pietermaritzburg Campus
McDonald, Angus Cellular Biology – 260 8633Westville Campus
Vosloo, AndreTeaching & 260 1337Westville Campus
Management Staff
Clark, Celeste Manager Technical Operations – 260 5149Pietermaritzburg Campus
Shange, Lindiwe  Manager: School 260 1178Westville Campus
Singh, VeesManager: Technical Operations – 260 7359Westville Campus
Surname, NameCluster/ DisciplineEmailTelephoneLocation
Access Programme
Johnson, KathyAccess 260 6016Pietermaritzburg Campus
Coetzer, 260 5463Pietermaritzburg Campus
Gumbi, 260 5589Pietermaritzburg Campus
Hewer, 260 5150Pietermaritzburg Campus
Islam, 260 8717Westville Campus
Khoza, 260 6281Pietermaritzburg Campus
Mokhosi, 260 7271Westville Campus
Msomi, Nontokozo 260 5052Pietermaritzburg Campus
Ngobese, 260 7814Westville Campus
Niesler, 260 5465Pietermaritzburg Campus
Pillay, 260 7665Westville Campus
Pooe, 260 8982Westville Campus
Singh, 260 7170Westville Campus
Bastian, 260 7719Westville Campus
Carrasco, 260 1194Westville Campus
Glassom, 260 3183Westville Campus
Hlongwane, 260 7442Westville Campus
Lattorff, 260 8534Westville Campus
Matikinca, 260 3186Westville Campus
Ramdhani, 260 3185Westville Campus
Scharler, Ursula 260 1605Westville Campus
Seaman, 260 7173Westville Campus
Bytebier, 260 5145Pietermaritzburg Campus
Finnie, 260 5151Pietermaritzburg Campus
Cellular Biology
Gebashe, FikisiweCellular 260 7221Westville Campus
Magadlela, AnathiCellular 260 2067Westville Campus
McDonald, Angus Cellular 260 8633Westville Campus
Mdleleni, YangaCellular 260 7465Westville Campus
Miya, TshoaneloCellular 260 3336Westville Campus
Mkize, LwamkelekileCellular 260 7368Westville campus
Shaik, ShakiraCellular 260 7773Westville Campus
Tembe, DanisileCellular 260 7586Westville Campus
Vosloo, Andre Cellular 260 1337Westville Campus
Vosloo, DaleneCellular 260 1337Westville Campus
Johnson, 260 5148Pietermaritzburg Campus
Scogings, 260 6018Pietermaritzburg Campus
Shuttleworth, 260 6559Pietermaritzburg Campus
Slotow, 260 6028Pietermaritzburg Campus
Van der Niet, 260 6492Pietermaritzburg Campus
Munyai, Caswell 260 6086Pietermaritzburg Campus
Olckers, Terence 260 5139Pietermaritzburg Campus
Adeleke, 260 8212Westville Campus
Dzomba, 260 5434Pietermaritzburg Campus
Ghai, 260 8617Westville Campus
Matume, Nontokozo 260 5710Pietermaritzburg Campus
Okpeku, Moses 260 8727Westville Campus
Pillay, Ché 260 6231Pietermaritzburg Campus
Willows-Munro, 260 5436Pietermaritzburg Campus
Zishiri, Oliver 260 8616Westville Campus
Grassland Science
Kirkman, KevinGrassland 260 5821Pietermaritzburg Campus
Nkuna, SindisoGrassland 260 5508Pietermaritzburg Campus
Tedder, Michelle Grassland 260 5107Pietermaritzburg Campus
Tsvuura, Zivanai Grassland 260 5805Pietermaritzburg Campus
Beukes, 260 5829Pietermaritzburg Campus
Chenia, 260 7796Westville Campus
Gumbi, S’ 260 8848Westville Campus
Hunter, 260 5528Pietermaritzburg Campus
Kana, 260 5527Pietermaritzburg Campus
Lin, 260 7407Westville Campus
Maningi, 260 7405Westville Campus
Moloantoa, 260 8281Westville Campus
Olaniran, 260 7400Westville Campus
Schmidt, 260 5523Pietermaritzburg Campus
Bitani, Nasiphi 260 6086Pietermaritzburg Campus
Downs, 260 5127Pietermaritzburg Campus
Makhubo, 260 2441Westville Campus
Maseko, 260 5113Pietermaritzburg Campus
Surname, NameRoleEmailTelephoneLocation
Shange, Lindiwe  Manager: School 260 1178Westville Campus
Pietermartizburg campus
Chinniah, Devashnee  Principal Admin 260 5122Pietermaritzburg Campus
Joubert, Pat  Assistant Admin Officer: 260 5467Pietermaritzburg Campus
Karalic, Tanya  Assistant Admin 260 5505Pietermaritzburg Campus
Khuzwayo, Sibongile  Admin 260 5525Pietermaritzburg Campus
Ndlovu, Ziyanda  Assistant Admin 260 5103Pietermaritzburg Campus
Noble, Renny  Admin 260 5147 Pietermaritzburg Campus
Westville Campus
Chetram, Shireen  Assistant Admin 260 1602Westville Campus
Chinniah, Devashnee  Principal Admin 260 8317Westville Campus
Dube, Sbusisiwe  Assistant Admin 260 7401Westville Campus
Jali, Nonjabulo  Assistant Admin 260 1193Westville Campus
Mbhele, BusiAssistant Admin 260 3192Westville Campus
Naidoo, BasilSenior Technician: 260 7779Westville Campus
Rambaran, JayAdmin Officer: 260 7409Westville Campus
Samuels, ShereenAssistant Admin 260 8234Westville Campus
Shandu, XoliSecretary to Dean/School 260 1545Westville Campus
Surname, NameRoleEmailTelephoneLocation
Pietermartizburg campus
Clark, Celeste Manager Technical 260 5149Pietermaritzburg Campus
Ally, EbrahimPrincipal 260 5661Pietermaritzburg Campus
Brunkhorst, Megan Senior 260 5438Pietermaritzburg Campus
Carelse, George 260 5156Pietermaritzburg Campus
Cele, Bhekisisa  Technical 260 5563Pietermaritzburg Campus
Curry, Christina Principal 260 5146Pietermaritzburg Campus
Gasa, Nomalanga  Laboratory 260 5438Pietermaritzburg Campus
Gumede, Samukelisiwe  Laboratory 260 5120Pietermaritzburg Campus
Luthada-Raswiswi, Rendani  Senior 260 5101Pietermaritzburg Campus
Magwaza, Prudence  Technical 260 5050Pietermaritzburg Campus
Mbele, Zama  Senior 260 5530Pietermaritzburg Campus
Mjwara, Thami  General 260 5661Pietermaritzburg Campus
Moodley, Jessica  Senior 260 5469Pietermaritzburg Campus
Mthethwa, Qiniso  Principal 260 5584Pietermaritzburg Campus
Nene, Mdu Garden 260 5154Pietermaritzburg Campus
Shabalala, Richard Laboratory 260 5469Pietermaritzburg Campus
Sikhakane, Wilson  Laboratory 260 5469Pietermaritzburg Campus
Stuart, Stephne  Senior 260 5142Pietermaritzburg Campus
Xhoba (Zondi), Agnes Laboratory 260 5584Pietermaritzburg Campus
Young, Alison  Senior 260 5154Pietermaritzburg Campus
Zondi, Goodman  Technical 260 5114Pietermaritzburg Campus
Westville Campus
Singh, VeesManager: Technical 260 7359Westville Campus
Genu, Xolile  Senior 260 8620Westville Campus
Govender, Salona  Principal 260 8287Westville Campus
Gumede, Siyabonga  Lab 260 8554Westville Campus
Jagganath, Dinesh  Principal 260 8186Westville Campus
Khathi, Edward  Technical 260  7852Westville Campus
Khumalo, Zama  Principal 260 7926Westville Campus
Khuzwayo, Thembalethu  Technical 260 8356Westville Campus
Mkhize, Mildred  Technical 260 7712Westville Campus
Moloi, Puleng 260 8621Westville Campus
Msabala, Sithembiso  Technician 260 1181Westville Campus
Ndlovu, Zandile 260 1625Westville Campus
Ntshobeni, Noyise  Senior 260 7370Westville Campus
Nundkumar, Nirasha  Senior 260 8788Westville Campus
Peer, Faiza  Senior 260 7408Westville Campus
Pillay, Yegan  Senior 260 3022Westville Campus
Rambaran, Neervana  Senior 260 7220Westville Campus
Sephula, Zola Technical 260 3027Westville Campus
Sewrathan, Dheshni  Senior 260 8294Westville Campus
Sibiya, Herbert 260 8187Westville Campus
Singh, Vees  Manager: Technical 260 7359Westville Campus
Tshibase, Phinda  Technical Assistant/ Westville Campus
Surname, NameRoleEmailTelephoneLocation
Murugan, Nelisha  Manager Technical 260 5155Pietermaritzburg Campus
Pietermaritzburg Campus
Matyumza, Cynthia  Senior 260 5155Pietermaritzburg Campus
Westville Campus
Bharuth, Vishal Principal 260 2178Westville Campus
Naidu, Subashen 260 2174Westville Campus
Phillip, Christopher Principal 260 7765Westville Campus