School of Life Sciences

Ms Seipati Mokhosi (far right) and her students hand over donations to the Baby House Westville.

Nurturing Hope: Biochemistry Students Volunteer at Local Baby House

In a world where compassion and empathy often take a back seat, second-year students in the School of Life Sciences, Biochemistry Discipline at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) recently demonstrated their compassion and dedication to making a difference in their community.

The students established a committee in March 2023, volunteering time and efforts for a local baby house in Westville to collect funds to assist with some of the basic necessities. The Baby House Westville is a non-profit organisation whose primary aim is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for infants and young children who have been abandoned.

Ms Seipati Mokhosi, a lecturer in the Biochemistry discipline, provided guidance and support for the students in this initiative. She commended the students’ efforts, saying, ‘I believe that students have such an important role to play, if given the opportunity and platform. I am impressed by their dedication and enthusiasm to do good.’ With initiatives such as this one, she hopes that staff and students from other Colleges within the Institution can do the same.

‘While it is important to nurture their academic skills, it is equally pivotal that students see themselves as active participants in society – with the power to make a positive change.’

The students have decided to adopt and grow the initiative for the Baby House. They will run another campaign in the new semester and look forward to support from students and staff from other disciplines.

‘We have the privilege of loving the most precious babies on the planet. It’s a love job for all of us. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity,’ said Ms Terri Wentzel and her team at The Baby House in gratitude.

Contribute to The Baby House Westville through the following:

1) Make monetary donations: Financial support can have a significant impact on covering essential expenses such as medical care, nutritious meals, educational resources, and facility maintenance. No donation is too small, and every contribution counts towards creating a nurturing environment for these children.

2) Donate baby supplies: Essential items such as diapers, formula, clothing, blankets, hygiene products, and age-appropriate toys are welcome. These supplies play a crucial role in ensuring the children’s comfort, health, and overall growth.

3) Volunteer your time: In addition to material donations, the Baby House welcomes volunteers who can dedicate their time to engage and play with the children, assist with daily activities, or contribute their unique skills and expertise.

This initiative is a shining example of the positive change that can be achieved when individuals and communities unite. It is heartening to see young people channel their energy and enthusiasm toward making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Words: Siphesihle Shezi

Photograph: Supplied