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Career Fair Opens Doors for Students

Career Fair Opens Doors for Students

The College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science (CAES) hosted a Career Fair on the Pietermaritzburg campus for students in science and agriculture introducing them to career options in the presence of representatives from a variety of companies.

Hundreds of students who attended the event had the opportunity to discuss their studies and careers with the business representatives from companies including NestléKCP software and skills development, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Citrus Academy, the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), RCL Foods2CanaOVC Travel, the South African Avocado Growers’ Association, Subtrop, and Timac Agro.

The representatives spent time describing their bursaries, internships and graduate programmes to students during the morning’s programme, and invited questions and further contact from students.

Computer Science graduate Mr Hyacinthe Shisso said he found the interactions with industry very positive, saying it gave him the opportunity to learn what each company does, providing more career options and yielding some interview tips.

Honours student in Information Systems and Technology Mr Nqobane Masukus said he found the event very interesting and was able to speak to UKZN alumni who worked at some of the companies represented.

Ms Pebble Hlubi of KCP said she thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with students and found them to be curious and eager to prepare themselves for the working world. Her company offers a 12-month graduate programme providing participants with important experience in the IT environment.

Ms Nozibusiso Kubheka of SANBI in Pietermaritzburg said she enjoyed meeting educated students and recommended they should receive further exposure to the opportunities and internships in the working world.

Words and photographs:Christine Cuénod