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Ms Silungele Blose received her MSc in Biochemistry with her family by her side.

Biochemistry Masters Graduate is Inspired to Inspire Greatness

Ms Silungele Nontuthuko Blose lists graduating with Masters in Biochemistry as her greatest achievement.

She said her journey to graduation had been a roller coaster ride that resulted in tears at times. Graduation for Blose was a moment of recognition of her hard work, as well as an opportunity to focus on the next steps she will take. She is currently working for the South African Police Services as a forensic analyst. Her aim is to be the best in her field. She plans to pursue her PhD in the near future.

Blose began to pursue her degree after she discovered she was pregnant. She said that expecting her son gave her the courage to face the late nights and restless weekends ahead. She works hard to be the best so that those looking up to her can achieve greatness in all that they do.

Blose pursued her undergraduate degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry at UKZN with the aim of fulfilling a high school dream of being the person to discover the cure for HIV. She developed a love for scientific research. She encouraged students to persevere through the challenges of being at university, focus on their studies, learn to love their work, as well as trust in God.

‘The secret to  finding happiness in this world is not to do what you like, but to learn to love what you do,’ she said.

Blose said that her father has been her hero, who has supported her dreams. Her mother, Thobisile Blose, described her as a positive, enthusiastic person.

‘Anything she touches she has the ability to turn into gold,’ said her mother. ‘She has become a role model to her siblings,’ she added.

Words: Christine Cuénod