School of Life Sciences

Dr Karabelo Moloantoa


Dr Moloantoa is an environmental microbial-biotechnologist with over ten years of training and practice in industrial wastewater bioremediation using bacteria. He is experienced in microbiology, molecular biology, biotechnology and biogeochemistry. Dr Moloantoa has been involved in various academic and commercial research and development projects including development of water treatment bioreactors, water testing kits and biological control agents (BCAs) against plant pathogens. As an emerging academic, he has been involved in teaching and learning for over ten years in different institutions till his appointment as a lecturer at the University of KwaZulu Natal in 2022.


Research interests

  • Industrial and surface wastewater bioremediation
  • Molecular exploration of microbiomes in extreme environments
  • Biochemical interactions of microorganisms with plants, metals, and the environment

Research profiles