School of Life Sciences

Prof Johnson Lin

Researcher & Professor

Dr. Lin has been a lecturer in tertiary institutions at South Africa over 20 years. Dr. Lin has been involving in the environmental monitoring (bacterial, viral and physio-chemical parameters) in KwaZulu Natal. Dr. LIn is also working on bioremediation or prevention on oil/aromatic compounds degradation and metal corrosion using bacteria or the enzymes involved in the drug developments based on biological-processes. He also works on the applications of endophytic microorganisms 

Research interests

Environmental Microbiology – Water Quality Monitoring and Treatments

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

Bioremediation of Industrial Wastes – Phenolic Compounds and Hydrocarbon Degradations

NanoTechnology – Applications of Nano-Particles Produced by Microorganisms

Molecular cloning/Enzymology

Research profiles