School of Life Sciences

Dr Marlies Craig

Science Officer

Marlies Craig is a biologist with a PhD in Epidemiology (spatial and temporal distribution of malaria) and a diploma in Adult Education. As PI of the Mapping Malaria Risk in Africa (MARA) project she helped create a continental atlas of the disease which would inform malaria burden estimates and guide control operations. She contributed to the IPCC 3rd assessment – Health, by exploring potential changes in malaria and bilharzia distribution under future climate scenarios. Marlies worked as a consultant epidemiologist then transitioned into the environmental arena. As a freelance educator she authored a popular science book on insects, offered public presentations and educational events for children, and started developing a school curriculum enrichment programme to support biology and environmental education. She briefly worked as Research Mentor in the UKZN School of Clinical Medicine before joining the IPCC WGII team. She is afflicted by an incurable form of Biophilia.