School of Life Sciences

Prof Hafizah Chenia

Associate Professor

Prof Hafizah Chenia is a senior lecturer in the discipline of Microbiology. Many bacteria have evolved innovative means of ensuring their survival, including making a biofilm lifestyle choice, using bacterial communication systems and horizontal transfer of antimicrobial resistance genes.  This has implications on antimicrobial usage in both clinical and veterinary medicine.  The research focus of my group is on understanding biofilm formation and bacterial quorum sensing of clinical and aquaculture pathogens and identifying novel anti-virulence strategies to control them. This has led to increased research on drug discovery from marine- and plant endophyte-associated bacteria, as well as investigating the mechanisms of action of indigenous South African medicinal plants.

Research interests

Bacterial quorum sensing

Bacterial biofilms

Bacterial endophytes from medicinal plants and their potential for drug discovery

Inhibition of quorum sensing and biofilm formation for drug discovery using marine microorganisms

Fish pathogens and aquaculture

Antimicrobial resistance genes and efflux pumps

Research profiles