Rob Slotow

Prof Rob Slotow Professor 033 260 6028 PhD Ecology Pietermaritzburg campus Professor Rob Slotow was appointed Lecturer at UKZN in Durban in 1996, Senior Lecturer (2000), Associate Professor (2002), and Full Professor (2007). I am Honorary Professor at University College, London. My Academic leadership includes: Programme Director B.Sc. Biol. Sc. (2002-04); Academic Coordinator, School

Adam Shuttleworth

Dr Adam Shuttleworth Researcher: Insect Sensory Ecology 033 260 6559 PhD Ecology Pietermaritzburg campus Dr Adam Shuttleworth is broadly interested in evolutionary ecology with a particular focus in chemical ecology and the mechanisms underlying ecological interactions, particularly between insects and plants. More specifically, he is interested in the role of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in

Peter Scogings

Prof Peter Scogings Associate Professor 033 260 6018 PhD Ecology Pietermaritzburg campus Prof Scogings is Associate Professor in the School of Life Sciences. After completing his MSc, he worked at Fort Hare University for 13 years, in the Agricultural & Rural Development Research Institute, and in the Dept Livestock & Pasture Science. At ARDRI,

Stefan Schmidt

Dr Stefan Schmidt Professor 033 260 5523 PhD Biochemistry Pietermaritzburg campus Stefan Schmidt has three decades of research experience in the area of applied and environmental microbiology. Before joining UKZN, he did his PostDoc in the UK, lectured Microbiology at his alma mater, and worked for Fraunhofer (the world’s leading applied research organization). He

Ché Pillay

Mr Ché Pillay Senior Lecturer 031 260 6231 PhD Genetics Pietermaritzburg campus Ché Pillay completed his PhD at the University of Natal. He then worked at the MRC HIV Prevention Research Unit and completed postdocs with Jannie Hofmeyr and Johann Rohwer (Stellenbosch University) Research interests Redoxin (thioredoxin, glutaredoxin, peroxiredoxin) networks play critical roles in

Hallam Payne

Mr Hallam Payne Senior Tutor 033 260 5109 MSc Biology Pietermaritzburg campus Hallam Payne is a biology tutor in the Science Access Foundation and Augmented programmes. His research interests include primatology, montane and grassland restoration ecology, and science education. His field research projects have examined behavioural and foraging ecology and social exchange systems in

Terence Olckers

Prof Terence Olckers Associate Professor 033 260 5139 PhD Entomology Pietermaritzburg campus Prof Terry Olckers is an applied entomologist whose research focuses on the biological control of invasive alien plants. Prior to joining UKZN in 2004, he spent 16 years with the ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute’s Weeds Research Division as a Senior Researcher. Research

Caswell Munyai

Dr Caswell Munyai Senior Lecturer 033 260 6086 PhD Entomology Pietermaritzburg campus Caswell Munyai is a Senior Lecturer (Invertebrate biology). His research interest is on Entomology (Myrmecology), macroecology, and community ecology. To date, he has published over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles (between 2012 – 2020), successfully supervised over nine honours, nine MSc, and one

Michael Meusel

Dr Michael Meusel Lecturer 031 260 5710 PhD Genetics Pietermaritzburg campus Dr Michael Meusel is a lecturer in the School of Life Sciences. Research interests Plant and animal genetics. Research profiles To be added

Manqhai Kraai

Ms Manqhai Kraai Developmental Lecturer 033 260 5506 PhD Candidate Zoology Pietermaritzburg campus Manqhai Kraai’s main interests are based on the plant-herbivore interactions, particularly the use of the landscape by both meso- and megaherbivores and their effect on multiple ecological scales. Research interests Manqhai’s current research is focused on the foraging decisions made by