Charles von der Meden

Dr Charles von der Meden Senior Lecturer 031 260 7410 PhD Biology Westville Campus Charles is a benthic ecologist (PhD, Rhodes University). His focus is on deep-sea benthic biodiversity,

David Glassom

Dr David Glassom Senior Lecturer 031 260 7814 PhD (Marine Biology), MSc, BSc Hons, BSc Biology Westville Campus Dr David Glasson has been employed at UKZN since 2009. During

Syd Ramdhani

Dr Syd Ramdhani Senior Lecturer 031 260 3815 PhD, MSc, BSc Hons, BSc Biodiversity Westville Campus Prof Ramdhani holds a PhD in Botany (Rhodes University, 2007). He is primarily

Lethukuthula Ngobese

Mr Lethukuthula Ngobese Lecturer 031 260 7814 MSc (Biochemstry), BSc Hons (Biochemistry), BSc (Biochemistry & Microbiology) Biochemistry Westville Campus Mr Ngobese is an emerging researcher and academic with research

Karabelo Moloantoa

Dr Karabelo Moloantoa Lecturer 031 260 8281 PhD (Microbial Biotechnology), MSc (Microbial Biotechnology), Hons (Biochemistry), BSc (Medical Microbiology & Biochemistry) Microbiology Westville Campus Dr Moloantoa is an environmental microbial-biotechnologist

S’fiso Gumbi

Dr S’fiso Gumbi Lecturer 031 260 8848 PhD (Microbiology), BScHons (Microbiology) Microbiology Westville Campus Dr S’fiso Gumbi research focuses on algal biotechnology and wastewater management with interest in biomass

Rob Slotow

Prof Rob Slotow Professor and Oppenheimer Fellow in Functional Biodiversity 033 260 6028 PhD (Biology), MSc (Zoology), BScHons, BSc Ecology Pietermaritzburg Campus After obtaining his PhD in California, and

Phikolomzi Matikinca

Mr Phikolomzi Matikinca Researcher and Lecturer 031 260 3186 PhD candidate in Marine Biology (Climate Change & Coastal Carbonate Chemistry), MSc (Climate Change & Development), BSc Hons (Environmental Sciences)

Zabentungwa Hlongwane

Dr Zabentungwa Hlongwane Lecturer 031 260 7442 PhD (Ecological Sciences), MSc (Ecological Sciences), BSc Honours (Ecological Sciences), BSc (Environmental Sciences) Biology Westville Campus Dr Hlongwane is a biology lecturer

Yanga Mdleleni

Ms Yanga Mdleleni Researcher and Lecturer 031 260 7465 PhD candidate in Medicine (Virology), MSc (Parasitology) cum laude, BSc Hons (Molecular Biology) and BSc (Microbiology & Cell biology) Cellular