Zabentungwa Hlongwane

Dr Zabentungwa Hlongwane Lecturer 031 260 7442 PhD (Ecological Sciences), MSc (Ecological Sciences), BSc Honours (Ecological Sciences), BSc (Environmental Sciences) Biology Westville campus Dr Hlongwane is a biology lecturer with broad interests in ecology, entomology, and entomophagy. She holds an MSc and a PhD in Ecological Sciences. Her research includes the distribution of arthropods

Yanga Mdleleni

Ms Yanga Mdleleni Researcher and Lecturer 031 260 7465 PhD candidate in Medicine (Virology), MSc (Parasitology) cum laude, BSc Hons (Molecular Biology) and BSc (Microbiology & Cell biology) Cellular Biology Westville Campus Ms Yanga Mdleleni is a SANTHE (Sub-Saharan African Network for TB/HIV Research Excellence) final year PhD Fellow in Medicine (Virology) at the

Fikisiwe Gebashe

Dr Fikisiwe Gebashe Lecturer 031 260 7221 PhD Biology Westville Campus Dr Gebashe obtained her PhD from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (PMB) in 2019 on the thesis titled “Pharmacological and phytochemical properties of grasses used in South African traditional medicine.” She was awarded Postdoctoral Fellowship by UKZN (2019-2020) and Agricultural Research Council, Pretoria (until

Danisile Tembe

Dr Danisile Tembe Lecturer 031 260 7586 PhD, MSc, BSc Honours, BSc Genetics Westville Campus Dr Tembe holds a PhD in Genetics, with a focus on the application of Forensic Entomology in legal investigations. Her research interests include: Forensic Genetics, Forensic Entomology, Forensic Entomotoxicology and Forensic Microbiology. Her other research interest is in Medical

Lorika Beukes

Dr Lorika Beukes Lecturer 033 260 5829 PhD (Applied and Environmental Microbiology), MSc (Applied and Environmental Microbiology), BSc Honours (Microbiology), BSc (Biomolecular Technology) Microbiology Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Beukes holds a PhD in Microbiology and has 8 years’ experience in modern electron and specialized light microscopy techniques for materials, nanoscience, and biological research. She has

Anathi Magadlela

DR Anathi Magadlela Senior lecturer and researcher/ Academic 031 260 2067 Ph D. Botany (Plant physiology), M.Sc Botany (Plant physiology), Hons Botany, B.Sc Botany Westville Campus Dr Magadlela is a  plant molecular biologist focusing on functional and evolutionary aspects of plant-soil-microbe interactions during abiotic stress. His current research focuses on the functional flexibility of

Angus Macdonald

Angus Macdonald Senior lecturer 031 260 8633 PhD, MSc, BA Zoology Cellular Biology Westville campus Marine benthic ecology has been the major focus of his research and he have been particularly interested in the phylogeography and population genetics of marine organisms. He has previously studied benthic environments from the Pondoland coast to northern Mozambique.

Caswell Munyai

Dr Caswell Munyai Senior Lecturer 033 260 6086 PhD, MEnvSc Entomology Pietermaritzburg campus Dr Caswell Munyai is a Senior Lecturer teaching and conducting research on invertebrate biology and an NRF-rated scientist with almost a decade experience in teaching and research in the discipline. He has published various peer-review research articles both in national and

Carola Niesler

Prof Carola Niesler Associate Professor 033 260 5465 PhD (Clinical Biochemistry) Biochemistry Pietermaritzburg campus Carola Niesler is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Academic Leader of Biotechnology in the School of Life Sciences, UKZN. She also serves as Scientific Director of NEXT Biosciences and an advisor to the cellular meat production company Mogale Meat

Terry Everson

Dr Terry Everson Honorary Lecturer 033 260 5509 PhD Grassland Science Pietermaritzburg campus Dr Everson is a senior research associate in the School of Life Sciences. She has 17 years of lecturing experience in rangeland ecology and management and 20 years of research experience in the development of communal grazing systems, community-based natural resource