School of Life Sciences

Ms Buyisile Makhubo


Ms Makhubo is a biology lecturer with broad interests in evolutionary biology. Her research includes the application of molecular and morphological techniques in understanding the evolution and diversification of animals, updating taxonomy, and incorporating genetics in studies focusing on conservation in southern Africa. She holds an MSc degree in Zoology where she worked on a group of endemic geckos (Afroedura) in South Africa.

She has a special interest in herpetology and has been involved in various collaborative projects focusing on reptile diversity using both molecular and morphological techniques. She also has experience with the curation of reptile and amphibian museum collections. Current research interests include molecular systematics, functional morphology, and bioacoustics.

Research interests

  • Molecular systematics
  • Biogeography
  • Functional morphology
  • Bioacoustics
  • Biodiversity education

Research profiles