School of Life Sciences

Research Areas


DisciplineResearch AreaKeywordsResearcher
BiochemistryHIV Mucosal Immunologymicrobiome, immune activation, STI, mucosal inflammation, HIV prevention, cell culture, vaginal health, hygiene practices, immune activation, adolescentsGumbi, Pamela 
Protein Biochemistrybiochemistry, protein, plasmodium, three-phase partitioning, chicken antibodies, peptide antibodies, copper metabolismGoldring, Dean 
Protein and Immuno-Biochemistrybiochemistry, protein, trypanosome, theileria, thichinella, protease, three-phase partitioning, chicken antibodiesCoetzer, Theresa 
Protein Degradation induced protein degradation, host proteosomal systems, ubiquitination, mitochondrial dysfunction, drug discovery, small molecules, protacs, metabolic disorders, zebrafish diseaseHewer, Raymond
Stem Cells and Cellular Products stem cells, regeneration, muscle, exosomes, zebrafish, growth factors, cell culture, cellular communication, cellular agriculture, diseaseNiesler, Carola 
GeneticsAnimal Breeding, Genetics and Genomicssnp genotypes, next generation sequencing, livestock breeds, adaptation, conservation, breeding value, genomic tools, breed improvement, genetics disorders, genetic variantsDzomba, Edgar 
DNA Barcoding, Metabarcoding, eDNA, Phylogenetics and Phylogeographyenvironmental monitoring, high-throughput sequencing, biodiversity monitoring, bioinformatics, evolution, population geneticsWillows-Munro, Sandi 
Redox Systems Biologyredox, systems biology, antioxidants, stress, oxidants, signaling, modeling, computational biologyPillay, Ché
MicrobiologyApplied and Environmental Microbiologybacteria, fungi, algae, bacteriophages, ciliates, antibiotic resistance, food, water, pollutionSchmidt, Stefan 
Biocontrol Applications Utilising Aerobic Endospore-Forming Bacteriabiocontrol, endospore formers, lipopeptides, biosurfactants, ecotyping, genotyping molecular ecology, screening for novel compounds, biodiversity miningHunter, Charles 


DisciplineResearch AreaDescriptionResearcher
BiochemistryExperimental DiabetesType 2 diabetes and obesity including animal model development, antidiabetic, anti-obesogenic and toxicological interventional trials, alternative medicine research for the management of non-communicable diseases.Islam, Shahidul 
Nano-Gene and Drug DeliveryNanomedicine and non-viral therapeutic gene delivery.

Mokhosi, Seipati 

Singh, Moganavelli 

NanotechnologyMagnetotactic bacteria, nanoparticle synthesis and wastewater bioremediation.

Pillay, Karen

Protein BiochemistryMedicinal and commercially viable biologics.Pooe, Ofentse
GeneticsAnimal Breeding and Veterinary Microbial GeneticsThe application of population and quantitative genetics in animal breeding, veterinary microbial genetics, veterinary parasitology and vector-borne diseases.Zishiri, Oliver 
ApicomplexansThe genetics of apicomplexans particularly: eimeria, toxoplasma and plasmodium.Adeleke, Matthew 
EpigeneticsForensic epigenetics and development of DNA methylation markers for identification of human body fluids, methylation diversity in human population.Ghai, Meenu 
Infectious Diseases and BioinformaticsThe genetics of host-parasite interaction, vaccinology, biodiversity evolution, and adaption and metabolite studies.Okpeku, Moses 
MicrobiologyBacterial Quorum Sensing/ Biofilm FormationBiofilm formation and bacterial quorum sensing of clinical, marine and/or aquaculture pathogens and identifying novel anti-virulence strategies to control them. Biosynthesis of nanoparticles using bacteria and assessing their potential bioactivity.Chenia, Hafizah 
Environmental Microbiology/ BiotechnologyThe exploitation of microorganisms for bioremediation, biosensor development, metagenomics.Olaniran, Ademola
Microbial BiodegradationBioremediation using bacterial species.Lin, Johnson 
Molecular Markers for Mycobacterium TuberculosisAntimicrobial molecular diagnostic makers for mycobacterium tuberculosis, genotyping of mycobaterium tuberculosis, epidemiological studies of ESBLs and CREs.Maningi, Nontuthuko
Tuberculosis BiomarkerTuberculosis innate immune response, TB bioinformatics, transcriptomicsMvubu, Nontobeko