School of Life Sciences

Dr Adam Shuttleworth

Senior Lecturer

Dr Shuttleworth is an evolutionary ecologist with a PhD in pollination biology and broad interests in biodiversity and ecology. His research has a particular focus in chemical ecology and explores the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) mediating plant-animal and animal-animal interactions. He also has experience in biodiversity sampling (both academic and commercial) and has previously led a series of rapid biodiversity surveys (“bioblitzes”) of various protected areas in KwaZulu-Natal. He has a particular interest in the ecology and evolution of asclepiads and stapeliads (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae).

Research interests

  • Pollination ecology
  • Chemical ecology
  • Plant-animal interactions
  • Insect pheromones
  • Insect olfaction
  • Floral volatiles

Research profiles