What is Biochemistry?

Modern biochemistry evolved from the need to apply chemical techniques to solve biological questions.

Biochemistry combines biology and chemistry, but now covers such a wide range of subjects that it is difficult to draw a neat border around biochemistry.

Ours is a modern department, with emphases in: cellular regulation, molecular genetics, protein structure, hormone action, virology, and developmental biology.       

18. Marine Biology (Westville)
Prerequisites: Completion of a major or programme in Biological Sciences.. Note that acceptance into the programme may depend on availability of places.
Core: BIOL701(16), 782(16), 784(16), 791(48), 884(16).
Electives: 16C from BIOL715(16), 735(16), ENVS720(16).

  Career opportunities

  • Analytical chemist

  • Biomedical scientist

  • Biotechnologist

  • Healthcare scientist 

  • Clinical biochemistry

  • Clinical research associate

  • Forensic scientist

  • Nanotechnologist

  • Physician associate

  • Research scientist

  • Scientific laboratory technician

  • Toxicologist      


Pietermaritzburg staff

  Westville staff

Year 1
Semester 1
BIOL101(16), CHEM110(16), MATH150(16), PHYS131(16)
Semester 2
BIOL102(16), STAT130(16), Electives(32)
Semester 1
BIOL200(16), 204(16), 214(16)
Approved 16C Level 2 module within the School, Electives (32)
Semester 2
BIOL205(16), 231(16)
Year 3
BIOL300(16), 304(16), 341(16), 342(16), 343(16), 391(16), 32C from Level-3 BIOL modules approved by the School