Danisile Tembe

Dr Danisile Tembe Lecturer 031 260 7586 TembeD@ukzn.ac.za PhD, MSc, BSc Honours, BSc Genetics Westville Campus Dr Tembe holds a PhD in Genetics, with a focus on the application of Forensic Entomology in legal investigations. Her research interests include: Forensic Genetics, Forensic Entomology, Forensic Entomotoxicology and Forensic Microbiology. Her other research interest is in Medical

Lorika Beukes

Dr Lorika Beukes Lecturer 033 260 5829 beukes@ukzn.ac.za PhD (Applied and Environmental Microbiology), MSc (Applied and Environmental Microbiology), BSc Honours (Microbiology), BSc (Biomolecular Technology) Microbiology Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Beukes holds a PhD in Microbiology and has 8 years’ experience in modern electron and specialized light microscopy techniques for materials, nanoscience, and biological research. She has