Barry Lovegrove

Prof Barry Lovegrove Emeritus Professor PhD Evolutionary Biology Pietermaritzburg campus Professor Barry Lovegrove is a lecturer at the School of Life Sciences. Research interests Evolutionary physiology Evolution of endothermy Evolution of adaptive heterothermy (torpor and hibernation). Research profiles To be added

Terry Everson

Dr Terry Everson Honorary Lecturer 033 260 5509 PhD Grassland Science Pietermaritzburg campus Dr Everson is a senior research associate in the School of Life Sciences. She has 17 years of lecturing experience in rangeland ecology and management and 20 years of research experience in the development of communal grazing systems, community-based natural resource

Denis Brothers

Prof Denis Brothers Professor Emeritus 033 260 5106 PhD Entomology Pietermaritzburg campus Prof Brothers is internationally recognized as an authority on the higher classification of the stinging Hymenoptera (wasps, ants and bees); his PhD work (published in 1975) established the system still generally in use. He is involved in long-term systematic studies of various

Manqoba Zungu

Dr Manqoba Zungu Researcher and Lecturer 033 260 5113 PhD Biology Pietermaritzburg campus Dr. Zungu is an ecologist and conservation biologist with broad interests within the natural sciences domain. He is a recipient of many of many awards including being an invited member into the Golden Key International Honour Society. So far, he has

Sandi Willows-Munro

Dr Sandi Willows-Munro Senior Lecturer 033 260 5436 PhD Genetics Pietermaritzburg campus Dr Willows-Munro has been at the University of KwaZulu-Natal since 2010. Her field of interest covers evolutionary and molecular biology. Specifically, she uses phylogenetic, phylogeographic and population genetic techniques to examine the genetic factors underpinning evolutionary processes. Her recent research has focused

Timo Van der Niet

Dr Timo Van der Niet Senior Researcher 033 260 6492 PhD Evolutionary Biology Pietermaritzburg campus Dr Timo van der Niet holds a PhD from University of Zurich.Throughout my career I have been driven by my fascination for the amazing diversity of form and function of flowering plants. During my PhD I discovered the richness

Zivanai Tsvuura

Dr Zivanai Tsvuura Senior Lecturer 033 260 5805 PhD Biological Sciences Pietermaritzburg campus Dr Z. Tsvuura is a plant ecologist. He holds an MSc in Tropical Resource Ecology and a PhD in Ecological Sciences. He teaches courses in biostatistics, ecology, and grassland science. Dr Tsvuura’s research focuses on dynamics and functioning of forest and

Michelle Tedder

Dr Michelle Tedder Senior Lecturer 033 260 5107 PhD Grassland Science Pietermaritzburg campus Before joining the University of KwaZulu-Natal Dr Michelle Tedder worked for a number of research organisations including Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and SAEON. Her PhD was based in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, where she developed a vegetation map and investigated the influence

Rob Slotow

Prof Rob Slotow Professor 033 260 6028 PhD Ecology Pietermaritzburg campus Professor Rob Slotow was appointed Lecturer at UKZN in Durban in 1996, Senior Lecturer (2000), Associate Professor (2002), and Full Professor (2007). I am Honorary Professor at University College, London. My Academic leadership includes: Programme Director B.Sc. Biol. Sc. (2002-04); Academic Coordinator, School

Adam Shuttleworth

Dr Adam Shuttleworth Researcher: Insect Sensory Ecology 033 260 6559 PhD Ecology Pietermaritzburg campus Dr Adam Shuttleworth is broadly interested in evolutionary ecology with a particular focus in chemical ecology and the mechanisms underlying ecological interactions, particularly between insects and plants. More specifically, he is interested in the role of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in