Selaelo Tshilwane

Dr Selaelo Tshilwane Lecturer 031 260 3015 PhD Cellular Biology Westville campus Dr Tshilwane holds a PhD in Veterinary Tropical Diseases that focused on Veterinary Immunology and Vaccine Development. She has research experience on the development of next generation vaccines for vector-borne diseases of veterinary importance. She has worked extensively on the development of

Moganavelli Singh

Prof Moganavelli Singh Associate Professor 031 260 7170 PhD Biochemistry Westville campus Prof Moganavelli (Mogie) Singh obtained a PhD (Biochemistry) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2006. She is currently an Associate Professor, Researcher and Head of the Nano-Gene and Drug Delivery Laboratory at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa. Her interdisciplinary research

Shakira Shaik

Dr Shakira Shaik Senior Lecturer 031 260 7773 PhD Cellular Biology Westville campus Dr Shaik is a senior lecturer in the Life Sciences and has been involved in teaching and research at the University of KwaZulu-Natal since 2001. Her current research focus is on the establishment of natural breeding populations of orphan crops/African leafy vegetables

Paul Seaman

Mr Paul Seaman Senior Tutor 031 260 7173 MSc Biology Westville campus Paul Seaman has over 20 years experience teaching access students in Engineering and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology foundation modules).   His research interests lie in the field of Urban Biodiversity and Conservation. He is currently doing research around the upper reaches

Ursula Scharler

Prof Ursula Scharler Associate Professor 031 260 1605 PhD Marine Biology/Systems Analysis Westville campus Prof. Scharler engages in the research fields of systems analysis and ecology of estuarine, marine and socio-economic systems. Her current research focuses on the variability, resilience, extinctions and hierarchical scales of estuarine and marine ecosystems, and how global change influences

Syd Ramdhani

Dr Syd Ramdhani Lecturer 031 260 3185 PhD Biology Westville campus Dr Ramdhani is a lecturer in the School of Life Sciences. Research interests Systematics Biogeography  Research profiles To Be Added

Ofentse Pooe

Dr Ofentse Pooe Lecturer 031 260 8982 PhD Biochemistry Westville campus Dr. Ofentse Pooe is a protein biochemist with a focus on identifying medicinal and commercially viable biologics. Prior to joining UKZN, Ofentse completed his postdoctoral training on the production and characterization of plant-made protein biosimilars. Research interests Biotechnology Protein Biochemistry Phytomedicines Research profiles Google

Karen Pillay

Dr Karen Pillay Lecturer 031 260 7665 PhD Biochemistry Westville campus Dr Karen Pillay is passionate about teaching and Scientific research. Her PhD degree was based on protein misfolding (amyloidogenic) diseases, with a focus on amylin and type II diabetes. Karen has now shifted her area of research to nanoparticle production using magnetotactic bacteria.

Ademola Olaniran

Prof Ademola Olaniran Dean & Head of School 031 260 7400 PhD Head of School Westville campus Professor Olaniran is the Dean and Head of the School of Life Sciences. He joined the University as a full-time staff member in 2006. He has taught a range of Microbiology modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level,

Moses Okpeku

Dr Moses Okpeku Senior Lecturer 031 260 8727 PhD Genetics Westville campus Dr. Moses Okpeku holds PhD in Genetics. Dr. Okpeku has over the years built international research experiences and collaboration across Asia, North America (U.S.A) and Africa. His research has been funded by grants and fellowships from international and local funding institutions Including