Pamela Gumbi

Dr Pamela Gumbi Lecturer 033 260 5589 PhD Biochemistry Pietermaritzburg campus Dr Pamela Gumbi is a lecturer in Biochemistry. She has more than 10 years of postgraduate research training and experience in health sciences, specifically mucosal immunology where she strives to find ways to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in young women.

Dean Goldring

Prof Dean Goldring Full Professor 033 260 5466 PhD Biochemistry Pietermaritzburg campus Prof Goldring is a lecturer in the School of Life Sciences. He has BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Dundee, Scotland. PhD on Insect Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase activity from the University of Zimbabwe. Post-Doc 1 Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, USA. T-cell immunity in

Jeffrey Finnie

Prof Jeffrey Finnie Associate Professor 033 260 5151 PhD Biodiversity/Evolutionary Biology, Botany, Plant Physiology, Ethnobotany Pietermaritzburg campus Prof Finnie completed his PhD in Botany in 1989 specializing in plant biotechnology using Clivia, Gloriosa and Sandersonia as his research subjects. Since joining the University of Natal in 1990, he has co-authored over 100 research papers

Edgar Dzomba

Dr Edgar Dzomba Lecturer 033 260 5434 MSc Genetics Pietermaritzburg campus Edgar is an Animal Breeder & Geneticist with a passion for utilizing modern biotechnological tools for understanding livestock populations of Southern Africa. His research group focuses on genomics research required to manage and preserve genetic diversity in livestock breeds and species in Southern

Colleen Downs

Prof Colleen Downs Professor & SARChI Research Chair in Ecosystem health and biodiversity 033 260 5127/04 PhD Zoology Pietermaritzburg campus Prof Downs has been at the University of KwaZulu-Natal since 1994 lecturing and conducting research. Her research interests are broad and multidisciplinary. They include the conservation, general biology and ecophysiology (particularly nutrition, digestive physiology,

Benny Bytebier

Dr Benny Bytebier Senior Lecturer & Curator of the Bews Herbarium 033 260 5145 PhD, Licentiate in Biology Botany Pietermaritzburg campus Dr Benny Bytebier obtained his PhD from Stellenbosch University in 2007. His research focuses on the systematics, biogeography and evolutionary history of African orchids. He is a C-rated researcher with the National Research

Richard Beckett

Prof Richard Beckett Professor 031 260 5141 PhD, BSc (Hons) Botany Pietermaritzburg campus Richard Beckett is Professor of Botany at the School of Life Sciences. Prof Beckett’s research interest lies in the stress physiology of lichens, bryophytes, poikilohydric higher plants and seeds. He has published over 100 journal research articles, including major review articles

Oliver Zishiri

Prof Oliver Zishiri Associate Professor 031 260 8616 PhD. MSc, BSc Hons Genetics Westville campus Prof Oliver Tendayi Zishiri is a specialist population and quantitative geneticist and senior lecturer in genetics in the School of Life Sciences. He holds the following qualifications all from Stellenbosch University: BScHons, MSc and PhD. Prof Zishiri has more

Dalene Vosloo

Dr Dalene Vosloo Researcher & Lecturer 031 260 3237 PhD Cellular Biology Westville campus Dr Vosloo is researcher and lecturer at the School of Life Science, interested in studying environment induced stress responses in animals. She is particularly interested in studying the expression of stress proteins, as well as assessing damage when the capacity of

Andre Vosloo

Dr Andre Vosloo Senior Lecturer & Academic Leader 031 260 1337 PhD Cellular Biology Westville campus Dr Vosloo a lecturer and Academic Leader in the School of Life Sciences. Thier research into biomarker development finds application in various fields, but lately they have supported the aquaculture industry in monitoring, managing and ensuring aquatic animal health.