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Welcome to the School of Life Science

Welcome to the School of Life Sciences, which is located on the Pietermaritzburg and Westville campuses. The School has a staff complement of 144 academic and support staff; houses approximately 1600 undergraduate students; and boasts a postgraduate component of 514, engaged in Honours, Masters, PhD and Postdoctoral research.
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AI in Higher Education: Navigating Ethical Waters

The School of Life Sciences cordially invites you to an insightful webinar on AI in Higher Education: Navigating Ethical Waters, where we delve into the critical aspects of ethical AI integration within academic settings. The webinar will cover the spectrum from foundational ethical principles to practical implementation strategies, ensuring that...
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Balance is Key for Top Achiever

Ms Rabia Khan graduated summa cum laude with a BSc degree majoring in Biochemistry and Genetics during the recent UKZN Autumn Graduation Ceremonies. She also received the School of Life Sciences Award as the top-third year Genetics student on the Westville Campus for 2023. She is currently pursuing her Honours...
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Study of Estuarine Ecosystem Modelling Earns PhD

Dr Gemma Gerber secured a PhD in Biological Sciences for her thesis titled: Ecosystem Indicator Assessment: Incorporating Uncertainty into Estuarine Ecosystem Models. Geber’s focus on estuarine ecosystems was especially relevant given the growing consensus amongst academics about systems-level research. ‘Estuaries are the habitats where rivers meet the sea,’ said Gerber....
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PhD Biochemist Searches for Improved Cervical Cancer Drug Delivery System

Dr Lorenzo David was awarded a PhD in Biochemistry for his assessment of transferrin-tagged palladium and gold-palladium nanoparticles and their potential for anticancer drug delivery. For David - who did his undergraduate, honours and master’s degrees at UKZN - it was a natural progression to pursue his doctorate at the...
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Camera Trap Research Culminates in Doctorate for Mammalian Ecologist

Dr Craig Cordier’s PhD demonstrated the value of camera traps as a research tool for understanding human impact on forest mammalian communities and capturing data on the activities of rare and elusive species. Cordier focused his research on the southern Afromontane Mistbelt forests in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands which have been...
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Dean & Head of School

Prof Ademola Olaniran

Ms Xoli Shandu
031 260 1545

The School of Life Sciences is comprised of caring and enthusiastic lecturers ensure that students emerge highly employable, with a rich university experience and a first-class degree in the Life Sciences to their name.

This field of study encompasses all human, plant and animal life – ranging from microscopic germs to elephants and everything in between. Areas of specialisation within UKZN’s School of Life Sciences include:

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