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Tel: +27 (0) 31 260 3015

E-mail: roddan@ukzn.ac.za

Biographical statement

Nicola Rodda received a BSc(Hons) in cell biology and plant physiology from the then University of Natal in Durban in 1987. She completed her MSc in quantitative microbial risk assessment while working for CSIR in the Institute of Water Research. After a brief stint in industry, she completed her PhD with the Oxford Research Unit of the Open University in the UK in 2000. Nicola then returned to South Africa to take up a lecturing post at the then University of Natal, now UKZN, where she lectures in basic biochemistry and cell biology, and in pollution biology. She heads the BioSciences grouping of the Pollution Research Group.


Research interests

Nicola’s research centres on microbiological and environmental aspects of sustainable water supply and sanitation. Specifically, she has worked on projects addressing the following topics:

-           Health-related microbial quality of drinking water

-         Health-related microbiology of on-site sanitation

-         Microbial health risk assessment

-         Wastewater and greywater re-use

-         Use of wastewater, greywater and sanitation residues for plant growth

-         Microbiological processes in waste degradation.


Teaching duties

Nicola teaches general biochemistry and cell biology at first year level (BIOL101), cell biology (BIOL234) at second year level, and pollution biology at third year level (BIOL347). She teaches a module in waste-related bioprocesses at BSc(Hons) level (BIOL745). 


Selected publications

N. Rodda, L. Salukazana, S.A.F. Jackson and M.T. Smith (in press). Use of domestic greywater for small-scale irrigation of food crops: effects on plants and soil. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of the Environment.

N. Rodda (2011). Managing greywater in South Africa. In: W. Harding (ed.), The Sustainable Water Resource Handbook, South Africa, Vol. 2. An initiative of the Department of Water Affairs, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Department of Cooperative Governance, and EGS Forum. Alive2green, Cape Town. 

N. Rodda, K. Carden and N. Armitage (2010). Sustainable Use of Greywater in Small-Scale Agriculture and Gardens in South Africa, Guidance Report and Technical Report. WRC Report Nos TT 469/10 and 1639/1/10, Pretoria.

B. Abong’o, M. Momba and N. Rodda, 2008, Health risk of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in drinking water and meat and meat products and vegetables to diarrhoeaic confirmed and non-confirmed HIV/AIDS patients, Journal of Applied Sciences 8(8), 1453-1461. 

Buckley CA, Foxon KM, Brouckaert CJ, Rodda N, Nwaneri C, Balboni E, Couderc A and Magagna D (2008). Scientific Support for the Design and Operation of Ventilated Improved Pit Latrines (VIPs) and efficacy of pit latrine additives. WRC Report No. TT357/08. Pretoria.

Buckley CA, Foxon KM, Hawksworth HJ, Archer C, Pillay S, Appleton C, Smith M and Rodda N (2008). Prevalence and die-off of Ascaris ova in urine diversion waste. WRC TT 356/08, Pretoria 

Jackson S; Rodda N; Salukazana L (2006). Microbiological assessment of food crops irrigated with domestic greywater. Water SA 32(5) (Special edn, WISA 2006), 700-704.

Maraj A; Rodda N; Jackson S, Buckley C; Macleod N (2006). Microbial deterioration of stored water for users supplied by stand-pipes and ground-tanks in a peri-urban community. Water SA 32(5) (Special edn, WISA 2006), 693-699.


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