Biodiversity/Evolutionary Biology Clusters (Westville and Pietermaritzburg)

The two Biodiversity & Evolutionary Biology Clusters offer 3-year Focussed BSc Programmes in Biological Sciences (Pietermaritzburg and Westville) and Marine Biology (Westville), as well as the option of a 3-year BSc degree with Biology or Ecology as major subjects (Pietermaritzburg).

The Clusters also offer 1-year BSc Honours degrees in Biological Sciences (Pietermaritzburg and Westville), Ecological Sciences (Pietermaritzburg) and Marine Biology (Westville), as well as MSc and PhD degrees.

The various curricula include modules on topics as diverse as: animal behaviour, animal and plant diversity and conservation, animal and plant evolution, animal and plant physiology, marine ecology, marine systems, fisheries, population and community ecology, and rangeland management.

Career options for graduates include:

  1. Education and training (e.g., in schools, universities, government departments, natural-history museums or environmental education centres)
  2. Research (e.g., at research institutes, government departments, state-owned companies, environmental consulting companies or non-profit organisations)

Westville Campus

Olaniran, Ademola (Prof) - Academic leader (Acting)

Glassom, David (Dr)

Joslin, Paul (Dr)

Lebepe, Jeffrey (Mr)

Moodley, Gan (Mr)

Mukaratirwa, Sam (Prof)

Ramdhani, Syd (Dr)

Scharler, Ursula (Dr)

Seaman, Paul (Mr)

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