Professor Steve Johnson
Prof Johnson is a lecturer in the School of Life Sciences.

Discipline:   Biology
Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
Telephone:   033 260 5148
 Research Areas:   The ecology of plant-pollinator interactions. Formation of pollination ecotypes. Pollinator-driven speciation in plants. Plant breeding systems and ecological determinants of fruit and seed set. Floral mimicry in orchids and milkweeds. Coevolution of flowers and insects. Interpretation of trait evolution using phylogenetic analysis. Convergent evolution in plants with specialized pollination systems. Chemical ecology of pollination systems. Breakdown of plant-insect mutualisms in degraded landscapes. Reproductive systems of invasive plants 
 Recent Publications:   Martos F., Johnson, S. D., Peter, C. I. & Bytebier, B. 2013. A molecular phylogeny reveals paraphyly of the large genus Eulophia (Orchidaceae): a case for the reinstatement of Orthochilus. TAXON (in press).

Kiepiel, I & Johnson, S. D. 2013. Shift from bird to butterfly pollination in Clivia (Amaryllidaceae). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY (in press).

Kiepiel, I & Johnson, S. D. 2013. Breeding systems in Clivia (Amaryllidaceae): late-acting self-incompatibility and its functional consequences. BOTANICAL JOURNAL OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY (in press).

J├╝rgens, A. Suk-Ling, W. Shuttleworth, A. & Johnson, S. D. 2013. Chemical mimicry of insect oviposition sites: a global analysis of convergence in angiosperms. ECOLOGY LETTERS 16: 1157-1167.

van der Niet, T. Peakall, R. & Johnson, S. D. 2013. Pollinator-driven ecological speciation in plants: new evidence and future perspectives. ANNALS OF BOTANY (in press).

Postgraduate Candidates:    PG Candidates

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