Ms Sindiso Chamane

Ms Chamane's research interests include grassland vegetation and herbivore/fire interactions within grassland and savanna ecosystems, with the focus on understanding the mechanisms of system function and applying this knowledge to the management of conservation and agricultural systems.

As a recipient of the NRF-Thuthuka grant, she is pursuing her PhD, looking at the impact of short duration, high density stocking on plant diversity in South African mesic grasslands.

Research keywords: wildlife systems, fire ecology, rangeland ecology and management, plants and herbivores, grasslands, savanna.  

Position:   Developmental lecturer
Qualifications:   MSc (UKZN in collaboration with Yale University) in Grassland Science
BSc and BSc Hons (UKZN) in Biological Sciences 
Discipline:   Life Sciences
Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
Telephone:   033 260 5508
 Recent Publications:   O’Connor, TG and Chamane, S.C. 2012. Bush clump succession in grassland in the Kei Road region of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. African Journal of Range and Forage Science 29: 133-146.

Chamane, S.C. and Downs, C.T. 2009. Seasonal effects on metabolism and thermoregulation abilities of the Red-winged Starling (Onychognathus morio). Journal of Thermal Biology 34: 337- 341.

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