Dr Shakira Shaik
Dr Shaik has been an academic at the University of KwaZulu-Natal since 2001. She teaches in the Life Sciences and her research focus is two-fold: 1) the micropropagation of superior genotypes of selected African leafy vegetables and 2) the characterization and anti-microbial activity of metal nanoparticles synthesized from South African medicinal plants.

Position:   Lecturer
Qualifications:   PhD (Biology-Plant Biotechnology)
MSc (Plant Systematics)
BSc Hons (Plant Systematics/Plant Physiology)
BPaed Sc (Botany & Education)
Discipline:   Cellular Biology
Campus:   Westville
Telephone:   031 260 7773
 Email:   shaiksh@ukzn.ac.za
Research Areas:   Plant Biotechnology, Bionanotechnology 
 Recent Publications:  

Olusola Bodede, Roshini Govinden, Shakira Shaik, Roshila Moodley. 2017. Evaluating the bioreducing potential of the leaves, knobs and roots of Zanthoxylum capense (small knobwood) for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles, applicable to in vitro fungal contamination control. Advances in Natural Sciences. In Press.

Olusola Bodede, Shakira Shaik, Moganavelli Singh and Roshila Moodley. 2017. Phytochemical analysis with antioxidant and phytotoxicity studies of the bioactive principles from Xanthoxylum capense (small knobwood). Anticancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry. 17(4):627-634.

F. Hamza, S. Shaik, R. Moodley. 2016. Phytochemical, elemental and biotechnological study of Cryptocarya latifolia. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines. 13(4):74-80.

M Sigamoney, S Shaik, P Govender, SB Naidu, S Naidoo. 2016. African leafy vegetables as bio-factories for silver nanoparticles: a case study on Amaranthus dubius C Mart. Ex Thell. South African Journal of Botany. 103:230–240.

Denisha Gounden, Kimona Kisten, Shakira Shaik, Roshila Moodley and Sreekanth B Jonnalagadda. 2016. Impact of spiked concentrations of Cd, Pb, As and Zn in growth medium on elemental uptake of Nasturtium officinale (Watercress). Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B.19:51(1):1-7. 

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