Dr Sarah Bownes

Sarah Bownes


Dr Bownes specializes in the ecology of benthic invertebrates in coastal and estuarine ecosystems. She holds a PhD in Marine Biology. 

Recent contributions and collaborations in research have advanced knowledge on the taxonomy and ecology of meiofauna in coastal ecosystems in South Africa and on the effects ofanthropogenic and environmental/climate change impacts on these communities. She has been lecturing for 3 years in undergraduate biology, biostatistics and marine biology.

Position:    Researcher & Zoology Lecturer

PhD Marine Biology
BSc Hons Zoology
BSc Zoology & Microbiology

  Research areas:   Coastal and estuarine ecology, invertebrate biodiversity and ecology, marine invasive species
Discipline:   Biology
Campus:   Westville
Telephone:   031 260 8293
 Email:   bownes@ukzn.ac.za
 Recent publications:    Pillay D, Bownes SJ, Nel HA (2013) Benthic invertebrates. In: Perissinotto R, Stretch D, Taylor RH (Eds). Ecology and Conservation of Estuarine Ecosystems: Lake St. Lucia as a Global Model. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 227-244.

Todaro MA, Perissinotto R, Bownes SJ (2013) Neogosseidae (Gastrotricha, Chaetonotida) from the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. ZooKeys 315: 77–94

Bownes SJ, Perissinotto R (2012) Community structure and composition of meiofauna over a sea-induced mouth-breaching event in St Lucia Estuary, South Africa. Marine Ecology Progress Series 463:105-126

Todaro MA, Dal Zotto M, Bownes SJ, Perissinotto R (2011) First records of Gastrotricha from South Africa, with

Description of a new species of Halichaetonotus (Chaetono tida, Chaetonotidae). ZooKeys 142: 1−13

Bownes SJ, McQuaid CD (2010) Mechanisms of habitat segregation between an invasive (Mytilus galloprovincialis) and an indigenous (Perna perna) mussel: adult growth and mortality. Marine Biology 157:1799-1810

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