Dr Robert Douglas Stone
Dr Stone holds a PhD in Integrative Biology and is a leading authority on the systematics and evolution of the flowering plant family Melastomataceae (especially the species-rich genus Memecylon and other members of the subfamily Olisbeoideae).

His work encompasses both morphological plant taxonomy and phylogenetic analysis of molecular data.

Current projects include molecular evolution of the nrDNA ITS2 region in the angiosperms, and cryptic diversity and phylogeography of the genus Memecylon in southern Africa.

 Quote:   "There is never a good time to rest on one’s previous accomplishments".
Position:   Lecturer
Qualifications:   PhD (Integrative Biology)
MLA (Environmental Planning)
BA (Biology & Environmental Studies)
Discipline:   Life Sciences
Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
Telephone:   033 260 6085
 Email:   StoneRD@ukzn.ac.za
 Recent Publications:   Stone R.D. (2014, in press) The species-rich, paleotropical genus Memecylon (Melastomataceae): molecular phylogenetics and revised infrageneric classification of the African species. Taxon [scheduled for publication in June 2014].

Stone R.D., Ntetha N.A. (2013) Warneckea parvifolia (Melastomataceae-Olisbeoideae), a new "sand-forest" endemic from northeastern KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) and southernmost Mozambique, and a phylogenetic analysis of eastern and southern African representatives of W. section Warneckea. South African Journal of Botany 88: 317–325.

Stone R.D. (2012) Endemism, species richness and morphological trends in Madagascan Memecylon (Melastomataceae). Plant Ecology and Evolution 145: 145–151.

Stone R.D., Andreasen K. (2010) The Afro-Madagascan genus Warneckea (Melastomataceae): molecular systematics and revised infrageneric classification. Taxon 59: 83–92.

Stone R.D. (2006) Phylogeny of major lineages in Melastomataceae, subfamily Olisbeoideae: utility of nuclear glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GapC) gene sequences. Systematic Botany 31: 107–121.
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