Professor Richard Beckett

Richard Beckett is Professor of Botany at the School of Life Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg. Prof Beckett’s research interest is the stress physiology of lichens, bryophytes, poikilohydric higher plants and seeds. He has published over 90 journal research articles, and also several major review articles and chapters in books. His articles have been cited well over thousand five hundred times, and he has an “h” score of 24 (ISI Knowledge).

 Quote:   "There is no such thing as an ordinary cat". 
Position:   Professor 
Qualifications:   PhD
BSc (Hons)
Discipline:   Biology
Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
Telephone:   033 260 5141
Research Areas:    Physiology of Lower Plants
 Recent Publications:  

Mafole TC, Chiang C, Solhaug KA, Beckett RP. 2017. Melanisation in the old forest lichen Lobaria pulmonaria (L) Hoffm. reduces the efficiency of photosynthesis. Fungal Ecology  29: 103-110.

Moyo CE, Beckett RP, Trifona T, Minibayeva FV. 2017. Extracellular redox cycling and hydroxyl radical production occurs widely in lichenized Ascomycetes. Fungal Biology 121: 582-588.

Matee LP, Beckett RP, Solhaug KA, Minibayeva FV. 2016. Characterization and role of tyrosinases in the lichen Lobaria pulmonaria L. (Hoffm.) Lichenologist 48: 311-322.

Chasov AV, Beckett RP, Minibayeva FV. 2015. Activity of redox enzymes in the thallus of Anthoceros natalensis. Biochemistry (Moscow) 80: 1157-1168.

Beckett RP, Ntombela N, Scott E, Gurjanov OP, Minibayeva FV, Liers C. 2015. Role of laccases and peroxidases in saprotrophic activities in the lichen Usnea undulata. Fungal Ecology 14: 71-78.

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