Professor Rob Slotow


Professor Rob Slotow was appointed Lecturer at UKZN in Durban in 1996, Senior Lecturer (2000), Associate Professor (2002), and Full Professor (2007). I am Honorary Professor at University College, London. My Academic leadership includes: Programme Director B.Sc. Biol. Sc. (2002-04); Academic Coordinator, School Biological and Conservation Sciences (2005-08); Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science & Agriculture (2008-09); Deputy Vice Chancellor & Head of College, Agriculture, Engineering, & Science (2010-12); Deputy Vice Chancellor and Head of College of Health Sciences (2012-2017). Pro-Vice Chancellor African City of the Future (2018-2023). I received the Vice Chancellor’s Research Award (2000) for outstanding research for staff <40 yrs.

Quote:    "You are only going to make a difference if you think about what other people need from you. "
Position:    Professor
Qualifications:    PhD
Discipline:    Ecology
Campus:    Pietermaritzburg
Telephone:    033 260 6028

 Research Areas:


My major research has been on large mammal conservation and conservation and environmental decision-making. Invertebrates are under-researched, and I have sustained work on invertebrate conservation and biogeography. My experience in Health Science Leadership has provided opportunities for transdisciplinary research spanning Agriculture, Environment, Poverty and Health. I am particularly interested in the environmental determinants of non-communicable diseases. I focus on a relevant transdisciplinary research programme, which will have strong impact on society. I work closely with practitioners to develop the research agenda, and include them in the process to ensure take-up of the research outcomes into evidence-based best practice. I have co-led the development of the Durban Research Action Programme, which includes a range of UKZN researchers and Ethekwini staff in a programme that focuses on enhancing sustainability in the city. 


 Recent Publications:


2016 - Di Minin, E., Slotow, R., Hunter, L., Montesino-Pouzols, F., Toivonen, T., Verburg, P., Leader-Williams, N., Petracca, L. & Moilanen, A. Global priorities for national carnivore conservation under land use change. Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 23814. doi:10.1038/srep23814

2016 - Taylor, C., Cockburn, J., Rouget, M., Ray-Mukherjee, J., Mukherjee, S., Slotow, R., Roberts, D., Boon, R., O’Donoghue, S. & Douwes, E. Evaluating the outcomes and processes of a research-action partnership: The need for continuous reflective evaluation. Bothalia 46(2), a2154.

2017 - Pitman, R., Fattebert, J., Williams, S., Williams, K., Hill, R., Hunter, L., Robinson, H., Power, J., Swanepoel, L., Slotow, R., & Balme, G. Cats, connectivity and conservation: incorporating datasets and integrating scales for wildlife management. Journal of Applied Ecology DOI:10.1111/1365-2664.12851

2017 - Tomita, A., Vandormael, A.M., Cuadros, D., Di Minin, E., Heikinheimo, V., Tanser, F., Slotow, R., Burns, J.K. Green environment and incident depression in South Africa: a geospatial analysis and mental health implications in a resource-limited setting. Lancet Planetary Health 1: 152-162.

2018 - Hausmann, A., Toivonen, T., Slotow, R., Tenkanen, H., Moilanen, A., Heikinheimo, V., Di Minin, E.  Social media data can be used to understand tourists´ preferences for nature-based experiences in protected areas. Conservation Letters 11: 1-10. 

Website:    Researchgate

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