Peter Scogings

Prof Scogings is the Associate Professor in The School of Life Sciences. After completing his MSc, He worked at Fort Hare University for 13 years, first in the Agricultural & Rural Development Research Institute, then in Dept Livestock & Pasture Science. At ARDRI, He completed his PhD on interactions between trees and goats. He moved to Zululand University in May 2003 as Head of Dept Agriculture, and then joined UKZN in April 2015. He holds a C rating from the NRF.

Position:   Associate Professor (Terrestrial Ecology) & Academic Leader (Biodiversity & Evolutionary Biology)
Qualifications:   PhD (Pasture Science) (Fort Hare); MSc (Wildlife Management) (Pretoria); BSc (Environmental Biology & Geology) (Natal)
Discipline:   Ecology
Campus:   Westville
Telephone:   031 260 6018
 Research Areas:   Plant-herbivore interactions; secondary metabolites; savanna ecology; rangeland management
Recent Publications:


Hattas, D., Scogings, P.F. & Julkunen-Tiitto, R. 2017. Does the growth differentiation balance hypothesis explain allocation to carbon based secondary metabolites in Combretum apiculatum, an African savanna woody species? Journal of Chemical Ecology 43:153-163.

Scogings, P.F., Mamashela, T.C. & Zobolo, A.M. 2017. Growth, nitrogen and tannins of semi-arid savanna saplings in response to herbivory and water. Journal of Arid Environments 137: 21-29.

Mkhize, N.R., Heitkӧnig, I.M.A., Scogings, P.F., Hattas, D., Dziba, L.E., Prins, H.H.T. & de Boer, W.F. 2016. Supplemental nutrients increase the consumption of chemically defended shrubs by free-ranging herbivores. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 235: 119-126.

Siebert, F. & Scogings, P.F. 2015. Browsing intensity of herbaceous forbs across a semi-arid savanna catenal sequence. South African Journal of Botany 100: 69-74.

Scogings, P.F., Hattas, D., Skarpe, C., Hjältén, J., Dziba, L.E., Zobolo, A.M. & Rooke, T. 2015. Seasonal variations in nutrients and secondary metabolites in semi-arid savannas depend on year and species. Journal of Arid Environments 114: 54-61.

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