Dr Patrick Govender
Dr Govender is a lecturer in the School of Life Sciences.

Discipline:   Biology
Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
Telephone:   033 260 7814
 Email:   govenderpt@ukzn.ac.za
 Recent Publications:   Govender, P., Domingo, J. L., Bester, M. C., Pretorius, I. S. and Bauer, F. F. (2008). Controlled expression of the dominant flocculation genes FLO1, FLO5, and FLO11 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Applied Environmental Microbiology 74, 6041-6052.

Onajole, O. K., Govender, K., Govender, P., van Helden, P. D., Kruger, H. G., Maguire, G.E., Muthusamy, K., Pillay, M., Wiid, I. and Govender, T. (2009). Pentacyclo-undecane derived cyclic tetra-amines: synthesis and evaluation as potent anti-tuberculosis agents. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 44, 4297-4305.

Onajole, O. K., Govender, P., Govender, T., Maguire, G. E. M. and Kruger, H. G. (2009) Synthesis and NMR elucidation of novel pentacyclo-undecane diamine ligands. Structural Chemistry 20, 1067-1076.

Govender, P., Bester, M. and Bauer, F. F. (2010). FLO gene-dependent phenotypes in industrial wine yeast strains. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 86, 931-94. Onajole, O. K., Makatini, M. M., Govender, P., Govender, T., Maguire, G. E. and Kruger, H.G. (2010). Synthesis and NMR assignment of pentacycloundecane precursors of potential pharmaceutical agents. Magn Reson Chem 48, 249-255. Muthusamy, K., Albericio, F., Arvidsson, P. I., Govender, P., Kruger, H. G., Maguire, G. E. and Govender, T. (2010). Microwave assisted SPPS of amylin and its toxicity of the pure product to RIN-5F cells. Biopolymers 94, 323-330.

Muthusamy, K., Arvidsson, P. I., Govender, P., Kruger, H. G., Maguire, G. E. M. and Govender, T. (2010). Design and study of peptide-based inhibitors of amylin cytotoxicity. Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 20, 1360-1365

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