Dr Mthokozisi B C Simelane
Dr Simelane is a young dedicated researcher who is interested in traditional medicine and malaria. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry.
 Quote:   “The lofty objective of all science is to encompass the greatest act of empirical facts by logical entailment from the smallest possible number of hypotheses or axioms”.

Position:   Lecturer and Researcher
Qualifications:   PhD
MSc (Bioc)
BSc (Med)
Discipline:   Biochemistry
Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
Telephone:   033 260 5589
 Research Areas:   Traditional medicine
 Recent Publications:   Dambudzo Penduka, Rebamang Mosa, Mthokozisi Simelane, Albert Basson, Anthony Okoh, Andy Opoku,2014. Evaluation of the anti-Listeria potentials of some plant-derived triterpenes. Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials. 13:37

Mthokozisi BC Simelane , Addmore Shonhai , Francis O Shode , Peter Smith, Moganavelli Singh, Andy R Opoku. Anti-plasmodial Activity of some Zulu Medicinal Plants and of some Triterpenes isolated from them. Molecules. 2013, 18, 12313-12323.

Mthokozisi B.C Simelane , O.A Lawal , T.G Djarova , C.T Musabayane , M Singh , A.R Opoku (2011). Lactogenic activity of Gunnera perpensa L. (Gunneraceae) from South Africa, African journal of medicinal plants. 9(4):561‐573

Mthokozisi B.C Simelane, Lawal OA, Djarova TG, Opoku AR (2010). “In vitro antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of Gunnera perpensa L. (Gunneraceae) from South Africa”. Journal of Medicinal Plant Research Vol.4 (21),pp. 2181-2188

Postgraduate Candidates:     PG Candidates

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