Jennifer M Lamb

Prof Jenny Lamb 
Jennifer Lamb's area of expertise, both for research and teaching, is Molecular Systematics, Evolution and Population Genetics. She has recently been involved in starting a BSc (Honours) Programme in Forensic Genetics, which will run for the first time in 2015.

 Quote: "Docendo discimus"
Position:   Associate Professor
Qualifications:   BSc (Biological Sciences, Chemistry) University of Natal
BSc Honours (Biological Sciences) University of Natal
MSc (Biological Sciences) University of Natal
PhD (Science Education) University of Iowa

Molecular systematics and evolution,
Forensic Genetics
Campus:   Westville
 Research Areas:   Lamb works on a wide range of projects involving phylogenetics, population genetics and evolution, focusing inter alia on bats of the family Molossidae, indigenous plants, and veterinary parasites.
 Recent Publications:  
Jennifer Lamb, Sarah Downs, Eiseb, S. and Peter John Taylor. (2014). Increased geographic sampling reveals considerable new genetic diversity in the morphologically conservative African Pygmy Mice (Genus Mus; Subgenus Nannomys). Mammalian Biology 79(1), 24-35.

Jennifer M. Lamb, Theshnie Naidoo, Peter J. Taylor, Melanie Napier, Fanja Ratrimomanarivo and Steven M. Goodman. (2012). Genetically and geographically isolated lineages of a tropical bat (Chiroptera: Molossidae) show demographic stability over the late Pleistocene. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 106, 18–40.

Taylor, PJ, Goodman, SM, Schoeman, MC, Ratrimomanarivo, F, Lamb, JM. (2012). Wing loading correlates negatively with genetic structuring in eight species of Afro-Malagasy bats (Molossidae). Acta Chiropterologica, 14(1): 53-62.

Steven M. Goodman, Waheeda Buccas, Theshnie Naidoo, Fanja Ratrimomanarivo, Peter J. Taylor & Jennifer Lamb. (2010). Patterns of morphological and genetic variation in western Indian Ocean members of the Chaerephon ‘pumilus’ complex (Chiroptera: Molossidae), with the description of a new species from Madagascar. Zootaxa 2551: 1–36.

Macdonald, A, Schleyer, M and Lamb, JM. (2010). Acropora austera connectivity in the south-western Indian Ocean assessed using nuclear intron sequence data. Marine Biology 158, Number 3, 613-621.

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