Professor JP Dean Goldring
Prof Goldring is a lecturer in the School of Life Sciences.

Discipline:   Biochemistry
Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
Telephone:   033 260 5466
Research areas:    Malaria, biochemistry, copper metabolism, diagnostics, vaccines.
Malaria host/parasite interactions.
Antimalarial drugs and host/parasite interactions.
Crocodile immunology and serum proteins.
Biochemical techniques.
 Recent Publications:   D Dornin-Semblat, T Carvalho, MP Nivex, J Halbert, P Poullet, JP Semblat, D Goldring, D Chakrabarti, P Merha, S Dhar, M Paing, D Goldbert, P McMillan, L Tilley, C Doerig (2013) An atypical cyclin-dependent kinase controls Plasmodium falciparum proliferation rate. Kinome #KNM-2013-2401-01. Accepted Feb 2013.

D. Choveaux, J. Przybzorski and JPD Goldring. (2012) A Plasmodium falciparum copper-binding membrane protein with copper transport motifs. Malaria Journal 11, 397.

B Cummings, G Watson and JPD Goldring. (2011) Plasmodium falciparum: Effect of antimalarial drugs, malaria pigment (beta-hematin) and Plasmodium falciparum lysate on monocyte GTP-cyclohydrolase 1 gene expression. Experimental Parasitology 129, 312 – 317.

D Dorin-Semblat, S Schmitt, JP Semblat, A Sicard, L Reininger, D Goldring, S Patterson S, N Quashie, D Chakrabarti, L Meijer, and C Doerig. (2011) Plasmodium falciparum NIMA-related kinase Pfnek-1: sex-specificity and essentiality for the erythrocytic asexual cycle. Microbiology, 157, 2785 – 2794.

J Halbert, L Ayong , L Equinet, K Le Roch, M Hardie, D Goldring, L Reininger, N Waters, D Chakrabarti, C Doerig. (2010) Pfcrk3, an essential Plasmodium falciparum transcriptional CDK –related kinase,associates with a histone deacetylase activity. Eukaryotic Cell. 9, 952-959.

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