Dr David Glassom
Dr Glassom is a lecturer in the School of Life Sciences.

Discipline:   Biology
 Qualification:   PhD – Bar Ilan University, Israel
MSc – University of Cape Town, South Africa 
South Africa BSc Hons. – University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa 
BSc – University of the Witwatersrand (Wits)
Campus:   Westville
Telephone:   031 260 3183
 Email:   glassom@ukzn.ac.za
 Research Areas:   Reproductive ecology and biology of corals, population structure and dynamics, recruitment at different spatiotemporal scales, effects of pollution and other anthropogenic stresses on coral reef organisms, tourism impacts on reefs, with specific reference to diving. Factors that influence the formation of coral reefs, and possible effects of climate change on reef formation. 
 Recent Publications:   Refereed journals

Glassom D, Schleyer MH (2007) Observation of a rare corallimorpharian in the western Indian Ocean. Coral Reefs 26: 851

Glassom D, Chadwick Furman NE (2006) Recruitment, growth and mortality of juvenile corals at Eilat, Northern Red Sea. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 318: 111-122

Glassom D, Celliers L, Schleyer M (2006) Coral Settlement at Sodwana Bay, South Africa. Coral Reefs 25: 485-492

Glassom D, Chadwick Furman NE, Zakai D (2005) Methods and interpretation of coral recruitment studies: effects of anthropogenic disturbance? Mar Poll Bull 50: 1021-1025

Glassom D, Zakai D, Chadwick Furman NE ( 2004) Coral recruitment: A spatio-temporal study along the coastline of Eilat, northern Red Sea. Mar Biol 144(4): 641-651.

Torres, P, A Alfiado, D Glassom, N Jiddawi, A Macia, D Reid & J Paula (2008) Species composition, size structure and abundance of the genus Littoraria (Gastropoda, Littorinidae) from different mangrove strata in an Eastern African gradient. Hydrobiologia 614: 339-351

Field S, Glassom D Bythell J (2007) A comparison of artificial settlement plate types and deployment methods on epibenthic community development. Coral Reefs 26(2): 279-289

Wielgus J, Glassom D, Chadwick-Furman NE, Dubinsky Z (2006) Effects of oxidised nitrogen on the symbiosis between reef-building corals, boring polychaete worms and zooxanthellae. Bull Mar Sci 78(2): 377-388

Wielgus J, Glassom D, Fishelson L (2003) Persistence of low coral cover and abundance on a disturbed coral reef flat in the northern Red Sea (Eilat, Israel). J Exp Mar Biol Ecol 297: 31-41.

Other publications

Glassom D, Fennessy S, Pradervand P (2008) Coastal waters specialist study: KwaZulu-Natal State of Environment Report 2004. Dept. Agricultural and Environmental Affairs, Durban.

Glassom D, (2008) Bane or boon – our growing reliance on technology: a consideration of key emerging issues that may impact the state of the environment. Directorate: information management, Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT), Pretoria.

Glassom D, Schleyer MH, Fennessy ST, van der Elst RP, Pradervand P (2008) Review of information on a proposed alternative dredge-spoil disposal site and similar offshore habitats on the KwaZulu-Natal coastline. Oceanographic Research Institute, Durban: 21p (ORI Unpublished report No. 259).

Glassom D, Celliers L, van der Elst R, Winson T-L, Colenbrander DR (2008) Appendix 2: Western Indian Ocean. Regional assessment. In Brown K, Daw T, Rosendo, S, Bunce M,Cherrett N: Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation: Marine & Coastal SituationalAnalysis Synthesis Report. NERC, UK

Glassom D, Mann BQ, Mackay F, van der Elst RP (2006) eThekwini municipality biodiversity strategy: ORI response and suggestions for marine and coastal environments. ORI unpublished report 242.

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