Dr M Corrie Schoeman
Dr Schoeman is an evolutionary ecologist with more than 10 years experience in the field. At UKZN he has established a dynamic research group that addresses classical and contemporary questions of ecology and evolution on the patterns and causes of biodiversity, from genes to ecosystems, in human dominated and natural landscapes of Africa and Madagascar.

Dr Schoeman teaches undergraduate and Honours courses in evolution and ecology and was awarded the UKZN Distinguished Teacher Award in 2012.

Position:   Senior Lecturer 
Qualifications:   PhD (Zoology)
BSc Honours (Zoology)
BSc (Zoology & Botany)
BCom (Law & Economics)
Discipline:   Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology
Campus:   Westville
Telephone:   031 260 1161
 Email:   schoemanc@ukzn.ac.za
Recent Publications:

  Pio, D. V., Engler, R., Linder, H.P., Monadjem, A., Taylor, P.J. Cotterill, F.D.P., Schoeman, M.C., Price, B.W., Villet, M.H., Eick, G.B., Salamin, S. & Guisan, A. (2014) Effects of climate change on animal and plant phylogenetic diversity in southern Africa. Global Change Biology 20: 1538-1549

Schoeman, M.C., Cotterill, F.D.P., Taylor, P.J. & Monadjem, A. (2013) Using potential distributions to explore environmental correlates of bat species richness in southern Africa: effects of model selection and taxonomy. Current Zoology 59(3): 279-293

Schoeman, M.C. & Goodman, S.M. (2012) Vocalisations of Eidolon dupreanum: possible evidence of incipient echolocation? Acta Chiropterologica 14(2): 409-416

Stoffberg, S., Schoeman, M.C. & Matthee, C.A. (2012) Correlated genetic and ecological diversification in a widespread southern African horseshoe bat. PLoS ONE 7(2): e31946

Schoeman, M.C. & Jacobs, M.C. (2011) The relative influence of competition and prey defences on the trophic structure of animalivorous bat ensembles. Oecologia 166: 493-506

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