Dr Anna Che Bastian

Dr Bastian has over a decade experience in bioacoustic research which she combines with genetic approaches and experimental work.
Her general research interest is the evolution of animals with a focus on evolution and phenotypic diversity/plasticity.

A special area of interest are the sensory abilities of animals as they provide the opportunity to understand the animals’ behavior and ecology as well as ultimate evolutionary processes. She is established in her discipline, publishes in top ranking journals and currently serves as a Consulting Editor for Animal Behaviour.

Position:   Senior Lecturer / Scientist
Qualifications:   BSc (Biology), MSc (Biology), PhD (Dr. rer. nat. magna cum laude)
Research Areas:   

Evolutionary Biology, Biodiversity, Acoustics, Animal Behaviour, Ecology

Discipline:   Evolutionary Biology
Campus:   Westville
Telephone:   031 260 7719
Email:   BastianA@ukzn.ac.za
Recent Publications:


Jacobs, D. S., & Bastian, A. (2017). Predator–prey interactions: Co-evolution between bats and their prey. Springer Nature International Publishing AG. Cham, Switzerland.

Bastian, A., Finger, N. M., & Jacobs, D. S. (2017). To seek or speak? Dual function of an acoustic signal limits its versatility in communication. Animal Behaviour, 127, 135-152.

Dool, S. E., Puechmaille, S. J., Foley, N. M., Allegrini, B., Bastian, A., Mutumi, G. L., . . . Jacobs, D. S. (2016). Nuclear introns outperform mitochondrial DNA in inter-specific phylogenetic reconstruction: Lessons from horseshoe bats (Rhinolophidae: Chiroptera). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 97, 196-212

Bastian, A., & Jacobs, D. S. (2015). Listening carefully: increased perceptual acuity for species discrimination in multispecies signalling assemblages. Animal Behaviour, 101, 141-154.

Jacobs, D. S., Bastian, A., & Bam, L. (2014). The influence of feeding on the evolution of sensory signals: a comparative test of an evolutionary trade‐off between masticatory and sensory functions of skulls in southern African horseshoe bats (Rhinolophidae). Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 27(12), 2829-2840.

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