Dr Anathi Magadlela


r A. Magadlela is a  molecular plant physiologist, with a research focus on stress physiology of legume plants. Our group recently published research focused on phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) uptake and metabolism in Cape fynbos legume plants and N fixing microbe interactions. My current interests are in the phenotypic and molecular adaptations of legume plants growing in nutrient poor soils. The potential for this research is to find unique genes and proteins involved in the nutrient-stress responses of these plants which may prove essential for applications in a bio-economy, involving agro-forestry biotechnology.

Position:   Lecturer 



BSc Hons


Discipline:   Plant Physiology
Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
Telephone:   033 260 6085
 Email:   MagadlelaA@ukzn.ac.za
 Research Areas:  

Plant physiology

Stress physiology

Plant microbe interactions

Recent Publications:

Anathi Magadlela, Aleysia Kleinert, Léanne L. Dreyer, Alex J. Valentine (2014) Low-phosphorus conditions affect the nitrogen nutrition and associated carbon costs of two legume tree species from a Mediterranean-type ecosystem. Australian Journal of Botany 62, 1-9.


Anathi Magadlela, Waafeka Vardien, Aleysia Kleinert, Léanne L. Dreyer, Alex J. Valentine (2015) The role of phosphorus deficiency in nodule microbial composition, and carbon and nitrogen nutrition of a native legume tree in the Cape fynbos ecosystem. Australian Journal of Botany 63, 379-386.


Anathi Magadlela, Waafeka Vardien, Aleysia Kleinert, Emma T. Steenkamp, Alexander J. Valentine (2016) Variable P supply affect N metabolism in a legume tree, Virgilia divaricata, from nutrient-poor Mediterranean-type ecosystems. Functional Plant Biology 43, 287-297


Anathi Magadlela, Aleysia Kleinert, María P. Fernández, Léanne L. Dreyer, Alex J. Valentine (2016). Source of inorganic N affects the cost of growth in a legume tree species (Virgilia divaricata) from the Mediterranean-type Fynbos ecosystem. Journal of Plant Ecology, doi:10.1093/jpe/rtw015.


Anathi Magadlela, Chrizelle Beukes, Fanus Venter, Emma Steenkamp, Alex Valentine (2016) Does P deficiency affect nodule bacterial composition and N source utilisation in a legume from nutrient-poor Mediterranean-type ecosystems? Soil Biology and Biochemistry, In press.


Aleysia Kleinert, Rochelle Thuynsma, Anathi Magadlela, Vagner A. Benedito, Alex J. Valentine, 2016. Transport and metabolism of C in legume nodules under P deficiency. In book: Legume Nitrogen Fixation in a Changing Environment - Achievements and Challenges, Publisher: Springer Science, New York, NY 10013, USA. Editors: S. Sulieman, LS. Tran

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