Mr Aluwani Nemukula

Aluwani Nemukula received his MSc (Biochemistry) from Rhodes University (Grahamstown, South Africa). For his PhD at the Durban University of Technology, he spent several months abroad on a ‘Green Talent’ award Fellowship at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Karlsruhe, Germany) and recently, as a Visiting Scholar at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria.

His current research interests include algal biotechnology, cellular biology and resource recovery, with specific interest in algal biofuels and bio-products. Mainly, the research is focused on providing practical and economical Algal Production Systems (APS) for commercial application in aquaculture, biofuels, pharmaceuticals and CO2 bio-sequestration. In the end, the envisaged research goals are to contribute to a sustainable bioprocess for renewable energy resources and pharmaceuticals that can meet domestic and industrial needs – both in developed and developing countries.
Position:   Researcher & Lecturer
Qualifications:   BSc, MSc
Certificate in Bio-entrepreneurship
Discipline:   Biological Sciences
Campus:   Westville
Telephone:   031 260 7368
Fax number:
  031 260 2029
Research Areas:   Microalgal biotechnology
Cellular biology
Animal biotechnology
Bio-process engineering
Climate change and sustainability
Food and energy security
  Biol 101 – The Smaller Side of Life
Biol 234 – Cytology and Cellular Biology
Biol 300 – Professional Communication for Biologists
Biol 390 – Ecology Research Project
Biol 345 – Functional Cell Architecture
Recent Publications:

  Nemukula, A., Mutanda, T., Mehlo, L., Maharajh. D. and F. Bux (2014). High-value products from microalgae. Book chapter. CRC Press.

Nemukula, A., Wilhelmi, B., Mutanda, T. and C. Whiteley (2009). Response surface methodology: synthesis of short-chain fructooligosaccharides with a fructosyltransferase from Aspergillus aculeatus. Bioresource Technology, 100(6): 2040-2025.

Recent Conferences: 
  Nemukula, A., T. Mutanda*, R. Dillschneider, C. Posten, A. Anandraj, F. Bux .2011. ‘Growth kinetics of a hyper-saline Nannochloropsis salina as a function of light intensity and nutrient stress for extraction of high-value lipids and carotenoids’. 1st International Conference on Algal Biomass Biofuels and Bioproducts, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 17 - 20 July 2011 (poster).
Mutanda T., R. Ranjith Kumar, Nemukula A., Rawat I. and Bux F. 2011. Biomass, Metabolite Accumulation and Morphological Characteristics of Chlorella vulgaris Cells Exposed to Different Free Chlorine Dosages. 1st International Conference on Algal Biomass Biofuels and Bioproducts, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 17 - 20 July 2011(poster).

9th BMBF FONA Forum, 2012. Research for Sustainability, 22-24 October 2012, Radialsystem V, Berlin, Germany. Guest Speaker

2nd BlueBuck Network Summit, 2012. Connecting Youth for a Sustainable South Africa, 13-15 July 2012, Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, South Africa. Plenary Chair

ASSAf-DST-NRF 2nd Annual South African Young Scientists’ Conference, 26-28 September 2011, Pretoria, South Africa. Oral presentation.

AAS-icipe-TWAS-ROSSA Conference on “Climate Change and Food Security: The Road for Africa”, 10-12 November 2011, AAS Headquarters, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya. Oral presentation.
Postgraduate Candidates:    PG Candidates

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